• Dual Activated Circulation Valve


    The dual activated circulation valve offers the traditional method of returning circulation of the toolstring through use of a drop ball. In addition, the valve is capable of operating through internal overpressure within the tubing string.

    Conventional dual circulation valves use a burst or rupture disc to return circulation through overpressure. However, the dual-activated circulation valve offers a pressure differential activated piston. The piston activation pressure can be predetermined at the surface through shear pins, offering superior flexibility and considerable savings on redress.

    As with many other tools in the standard BHA tool range, the emphasis is on simplicity, and the dualactivated circulation valve has very few component parts, seals, and thread connections.



    • Simple drop ball design and pressure differential to operate



      When ordering Dual Activated Circulation Valves please specify:

      • Size
      • Thread connection