• Drillstring Components

    NOV Downhole offers a variety of drillstring components to support your drilling operation. Products include lift subs for tool handling, bit and crossover subs for making up tools with different connections, specialty subs for housing float valves and BHA orienting, and saver subs used to protect the kelly and other key components.



    Lift Subs

    Lift subs are used to lift BHA components such as drilling motors, jars, shock tools, drill collars, etc. from the catwalk to the rig floor. Lift subs are simply screwed to the top of the tool and feature an elevator groove, engineered to API specifications, that the rig uses to pick up the tool.

    Bit Subs 

    Bit subs are used to connect the drill bit to the next piece of equipment in the BHA. Because drill bits are "pin up" and all other drilling components are typically "pin down", the bit sub functions as a crossover for BHA attachment.

    Crossover Subs

    Crossover subs enable different sizes and types of BHA components to be connected to form the drillstring. These subs allow the crossover from large connections to smaller ones and vice versa.

    Float Subs

    Float subs are used to house a float valve, also known as a back pressure valve. The float valve functions as a safety between the wellbore and the inside of the drillstring to prevent drilling fluids from backflowing up to surface.