• MOCS G2 (Multiple Opening Circulation Sub)

    The Next Generation in Circulation.



    We developed the second generation tool to improve drilling efficiency and reliability, reduce drilling costs, and enhance the safety of your operation.

    The MOCS G2 is activated and infinitely cycled with a single ball that changes the drilling fluid flow path from the ID of the string (non-bypass) to the annulus (bypass). By simply changing the flow regimes, you can cycle the tool between bypass and non-bypass modes an unlimited number of times.

    Jar Placement Application



    Easy to use - simple operation requires only one ball
    On-demand performance - cycles in as little as 10 seconds with ball on seat
    Unlimited cycling - flow rate actuation alleviates need for multiple balls
    Versatile - can be loaded on surface and placed anywhere in the string 
    Safe - eliminates the need to break string at every cycle 
    ID compatibilityvariable ball size allows for flexibility with various string IDs
    Reduced invisible-lost timeno wasted trips for an exhausted ball catcher 
    Designed to trip dry pipe - ports shift closed when pumps are off, automatically draining to lower BHA
    Allows fishing operations below the tool - open through bore before activation or by fishing ball
    Maintains well control safety - automatically closes ports when pump flow is significantly reduced


    BHA Protection
    • Pumping LCM for lost circulation
    • Spotting Acid

    Wellbore cleanout
    • Work–over/Completion operations
    • Subsea Riser/BOP jetting

    Hole Cleaning While Drilling
    •  Increasing annular velocities for improved  cuttings/debris removal

    Borehole enlargement
    • Cutting acceleration while reaming
    • Control of underreamer function

    • Enhances hole cleaning
    • Provides cutting relief
    • Reduced lag time when circulating samples or displacing fluid

    • Effectively utilized with the Agitator™ system