• Back Pressure Valve


    The coiled tubing back pressure valve is a coiled tubing string component that provides a circulation path against a predetermined back pressure. It is ideally suited to operations where the hydrostatic pressure within the coiled tubing needs to be higher than the pressure in the annulus areas.

    The design of the coiled tubing back pressure valve allows for an on-site determination of back pressure to be set at surface. This is achieved with the use of different ball diameters to increase/decrease the piston area and pressure required to open the valve.

    Coiled tubing back pressure valves are not ideally suited for cementing or abrasive fluids. 

    For calibrated fluid delivery valves, please see coiled tubing cement valves.


    • Metal-to-metal sealing

    • Ball and cage design protects components from wash out

    • Site adjustable settings

    • Simple design allows for easy maintenance