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    Grant Prideco's position as a technical leader is directly linked to our ability to drive innovation and technology in the drill pipe industry. Our Engineering Technology Center allows us to continue to bring you the best and latest in drill pipe technology.



    The continued success of Grant Prideco rests on the ability to be the technological leader in the Drill Pipe industry.  To maintain this position, Research and Development efforts and capabilities play a critical role in continued innovation and future success and must not be compromised. The Engineering Technology Center (ETC) with physical testing capability is a critical component in this effort. The facility includes Engineering Departments and a Test Lab capable of designing, prototyping and testing threaded connections and associated drill string components. 

    Having the internal resources to prototype and test new products reduces the time required to bring new technologies to energy industry. With the ETC, engineers have the flexibility of making enhancements to design and testing parameters anytime throughout the process. In house testing capabilities enhance our ability to develop value added solutions efficiently and cost effectively. 

    In addition to the machine tools used for prototyping threaded connections and other drill stem components, the ETC is fully equipped to perform full scale destructive and non-destructive testing. Tests are conducted that simulate the harsh down hole environments the product will see in service. Test parameters can include conditions such as tension, compression, bending, fatigue, internal and external pressure and elevated temperatures.



    Combined Load Frame (CLF) Capabilities:

    • Tension -- 3 million lbs
    • Compression -- 2.5 million lbs
    • Bending capability
    • Internal/external pressure
    • Elevated temperature
    High Pressure System Capabilities:
    • 30,000 psi gas (Nitrogen)
    • 30,000 psi water
    The wear test machine is used to evaluate hardband products and their performance in either cased-hole or open-hole environments.  The unit is capable of circulating synthetic oil or water based drilling fluids.  

    Resonant Fatigue 
    The ETC has two types of apparatus to evaluate fatigue failure.  Test results are presented as a plot of stress (S) against the number of cycles to failure (N), also known as an S-N curve.

    Cantilever Beam Fatigue Machine 



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