• Drill Faster

    IntelliServ Wired Drill Pipe enables real-time, bi-directional data which significantly reduces time spent drilling. These time savings are made possible by: Instantaneous survey transmission, faster rotational checkshots, quicker slide orientation, instantaneous RSS tool downlinks, faster LWD data transfer, and faster shock and vibration mitigation.   

    Use our Time Savings Calculator to estimate the drilling efficiency and time savings that Wired Drill Pipe can deliver on your wells.


    Case Studies:
    CS North Sea Operator 300% ROP 
    North Sea Operator increased ROP by 300% and saved 10.7 days per reservoir section.

    CS North Sea Operator
    North Sea Operator increased ROP by 62% and saved 2.5 days per reservoir section. 

    North Sea
    North Sea Operator reduced telemetry time by >2 days per well while another Operator increased ROP by 100% and reduced drilling time by >5 days per well.

    North Sea Operator Saved 2.2 Days Per Well
    North Sea Operator reduced stationary time and data transmission time by 1.6 days/ well and reduced drilling time by 1.1 day/ well.

    Oklahoma Operator reduced survey time by 5 minutes, slide orientation by 3 minutes and saved up to 14 hours per lateral. 

    Total Days vs. Depth 
    Wired Drill Pipe was used on over 54,000 feet on a 6 well campaign in North Dakota with an average uptime of >98%.

    IntelliServ Drill Faster.
    High-speed telemetry provided by Wired Drill Pipe enables real-time, bi-directional data which significantly reduces the time spent drilling, often by three or more days. 

    Wired Drill Pipe Eliminates Rig Time
    Wired Drill Pipe eliminates rig time associated with data transmission, ROP and bit/BHA runs to total depth on a multi-well campaign in the UK Sector of the North Sea.

    Recent Technical Papers:
    SPE - 178863 The Use of Wired Drillpipe Technology in a Complex Drilling Environment Increased Drilling Efficiency and Reduced Well Times
    Case study where Wired Drill Pipe (WDP) technology was implemented on the Martin Linge offshore field development project in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea. 

    SPE -  178798 Implementation of Wired Drill Pipe Saved Multiple Days Per Well, by Addressing Performance Limiters, Increasing Drilling Efficiency
    The implementation of the Wired Drill Pipe technology on two wells of the Babbage development project in the Central North Sea and the quantified efficiency gains achieved across various drilling operations.


    Wired Drill Pipe enables increased efficiency by providing telemetry related time reductions and increased ROP.