• DuraTeQ Series Core Barrels


    We designed our DuraTeQ™ high strength conventional core barrels to handle the most demanding coring applications. The double-shouldered, high-torque outer barrel is fitted with stabilizers every 30 ft (9 m), minimizing assembly flexure and maximizing performance in challenging environments. Our length adjustment system (LAS) allows compensation for inner barrel thermal expansion, permitting the lower shoe and core bit standoff to be accurately adjusted from the rig floor. All of this makes the DuraTeQ barrel ideal for all conventional coring applications, including deepwater operations, HPHT, and motor coring. DuraTeQ barrels are available to suit most common hole sizes.


    Durable Double Shouldered Connection – DuraTeQ barrels provide high tensile and torsional strength
    Easy to Install – Large durable threads allow fast makeup and reduce risk of thread damage
    Inner Barrel Stability – High flow rates with low pressure drop protect against collapse
    Efficient Design – LAS system adjusts inner barrel length while providing ample adjustment capacity for long barrel coring
    Added Benefits – Serves as a platform for other advanced coring systems, including the DuraClose ™ full closure system, JamTeQ anti-jamming technology, orientated coring systems and more