• Velocity Series Core Barrels


    Our Velocity™ core barrels cut significantly larger core diameters than traditional conventional coring tools, retrieving cores with up to 77% greater volume. These larger diameters reduce the risk of core jamming, and thanks to a reduced bit kerf area, allow the barrel to achieve a higher ROP than similar systems. The larger, uninvaded sample produced is more valuable when conducting core analysis measurements and for geological evaluation. This makes the tool ideal for hard formations where high ROP is needed, in jam-prone formations, and situations where larger core samples are critical to analysis quality.

    Supporting this large diameter core are our standard performance enhancing systems. The outer barrel is fitted with stabilizers every 30 ft (9 m), minimizing assembly flexure and maximizing performance. A length adjustment system (LAS) has been incorporated into the barrel to compensate for inner barrel thermal expansion, permitting the lower shoe and core bit standoff to be accurately adjusted on the rig floor.


    High Quality Samples – Large-diameter coring provides more core volume without fluid contamination
    Better Data – Large core diameters ideal for fresh state SCAL samples, as well as residual fluid and wettability determinations
    Fast Drilling – Lower bit kerf area provides greater ROP
    Jam Prevention – Increased core column volume reduces the risk of core jamming