• Core Handling and Well Services


    Core Material Markup
    Our technicians carefully mark depths from the wellsite geologists confirmed top depth on the cores for use in subsequent handling, processing, and sampling operations. The recovery for each core run is also calculated during the procedure.

    Clear and regular orientation lines and depths are necessary to get the most from the data sets. Permanent markers are used to avoid potential data loss, and depth marks remain visible even after caps are fitted. Orientation lines are also applied to the inner barrels for avoidance of handling errors.

    Core Gamma
    Gamma ray logs provide valuable insight into the mineral composition of recovered formations. We offer gamma units capable of providing both total and spectral (K, U, Th) gamma logs. Information is presented in both tabular and graphic form, with gamma counts against depth.

    These logs help to differentiate between types of rocks and minerals found, including sandstones, shales, and particularly clay minerals. The generated logs are used to define depth corrections with other wireline logs, as well as to assist with correlations from offset well gamma data to determine specific signatures and thus find expected formation specific markers. These data sets can also assist with critical path decisions, such as whether to core or to drill ahead or when selecting preserved sample or core plugging sites.

    Background Noise Elimination – Calibrated to ensure location specific accuracy
    Gamma Counts – Spectral and total counts are available
    Sampling Options – Variable sampling frequency for maximum flexibility
    Robust Units – Units are built tough and resilient for maximum portability