• Directional Measurement and Steerable Technologies

    Our Directional Measurement and Steerable Technologies (DMST) product portfolio features the full range of downhole tools required to drill today’s directional wells accurately, reliable and cost effectively.

    Our DMST product line offers a comprehensive range of tools within the following applications:  

     Vertical Monitoring (Drift)  
    • Cost-effective, reliable inclination and inclination and azimuth survey tools
      Measurement While Drilling (MWD)  
    • Industry-standard mud pulse tools and modules with patented reliability enhancing features
    • Advanced electromagnetic tools for faster data transmission rates
    • Integrated dual telemetry tools which provide the most reliable telemetry system
    • Unmanned tools which enable remote operations
    Logging While Drilling (LWD) 
    • Directional gamma measurements for geo-steering and well placement
    • Accurate propagation resistivity tools for real-time formation evaluation
    Rotary Steerable Systems (RSS) 
    • Fit for purpose, cost-effective system for lateral drilling applications 
    • High capability, industry-matching system for complex and high-value wells 
    Together with our leading portfolio of ReedHycalog™ drill bits, drilling motors, and drilling tools, NOV provides an independent supply of integrated directional drilling BHAs which enables directional wells to be drilled accurately and reliably



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