• FloDrift Real-Time Drift Tool 

    The FloDrift™ real-time drift tool is a simple and reliable instrument that provides real-time drift surveys during normal connection operations. The FloDrift tool delivers easy, cost-effective well inclination measurements in real time, and its survey-on-connection approach offers improvements in performance and safety when compared to traditional wireline inclination tools.

    The FloDrift tool allows you to take a real-time survey during each connection, reducing your overall well drilling costs. The tool’s survey- on-connection capability requires no additional rig time and eliminates extra rig- time expenditures.

    The FloDrift tool’s surface decoder uses a small footprint computer to automatically detect and decode survey inclination, and a user-friendly touchscreen monitor displays the information. All data is stored and viewable by rigsite personnel. Survey inclination logs are available to print anytime throughout the drilling process and at the end of the well.

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    Modified float valve as telemetry means

    • Acquires survey during the connection with no lost rig time

    Automatic and accurate decoding

    • Eliminates pulse counting to approximate inclination for easier operation by the driller

    Accurate inclinations with resolution of 0.1° and a range of up to 20°

    • Provides the industry’s fastest decoded survey capability with inclination displayed 45 seconds after turning pumps on

    Patented Pressure Release Encoding System™ (PRES) telemetry

    • Compensates for most flow rate changes automatically and works in noisy surface-hole sections

    Runs in standard bit or float sub with ODs ranging from 4.75-in. through 9.5-in. (12-cm to 24-cm)

    • Offers versatility to run in float subs with standard float valve borebacks and API bottomhole assembly connections


    Resolution: 0.1 degs
    Max Range: 20 degs
    Max Temp: 330 F 165C
    Flow Rate Range: 200 - 1,200 gals/min
    LCM:   no restrictions
    Survey Response Time:   45 seconds after pumps on
    FloDrift Subs:   FloDrift runs in Standard 5' Float or Bit Subs
    Sub Sizes:  9.5" & 8" OD (6R FloValve),  6.5" OD (5R FloValve),  4.75" OD (4R FloValve