• Tolteq TruVertical System


    The Tolteq™ TruVertical™️ tool is a simple and reliable vertical monitoring system that provides access to valuable survey information, including incli­nation, azimuth, and toolface. Integration with the Tool Tracker™ system allows access to logged tool history and environmental data. Firmware updates ensure continuous improvement throughout the life cycle of the tool. The TruVertical ️tool is expand­able, allowing the user to add gamma for additional visibility, and the rugged design withstands the shock and vibration of harsh downhole environments.


    • Provides access to valuable information, including: inclination, azimuth, toolface, depth, battery voltage, dip angle, gravity, magnetic field, temperature, shock, and vibration
    • Integrates with Tool Tracker to access logged tool history and environmental data
    • The ability to add gamma enables additional visibility
    • Handles the shock and vibration of harsh downhole environments
    • Future firmware updates ensure the tool is kept up-to-date

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