• Tolteq iSeries GUIDE MWD Surface System

    The iSeries GUIDE MWD surface system is a complete, field-proven wellsite solution. The GUIDE system is the most compact and portable surface system available, enabling set-up times of less than 20 minutes. Powerful and intuitive software drives optimized decoding and well archiving, and a customizable main screen and automated WITS capability ensure ease of use. Two configurable while-drilling sequences, in addition to the survey sequence, let the user determine exactly what needs to be displayed; in addition, automatic switching between sequences eliminates the concern of receiving the wrong information.

    The complete GUIDE MWD surface system includes the following:

    • Rig floor decoder
    • Surface system interface
    • MWD decoder software
    • MWD desktop software for PC
    • Pressure transducer (10,000 psi, 4 to 20 mA, hammer union)
    • Two antennas with magnetic mounts for wireless connection between rig-floor display and pc
    • Pressure transducer cable
    • Tool interface cable
    • Weather-proof Pelican™ case
    • Laptop computer (optional)   




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