• Tolteq iSeries SureMate Centralizer

    The Tolteq™ iSeries SureMate centralizer offers a simple, easy-to-install means of reducing or eliminating the bad connections and broken pins that typically occur during the MWD toolstring assembly. The keyed design makes backward connections, often the result of human error or bad design, nearly impossible, while spring-loaded shafts minimize equipment damage and absorb downhole vibration.

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    • Keyed design—eliminates the need to visualize mating ends while connecting, making it virtually impossible to connect backwards
    • Attaches in approximately 30 seconds
    • Tapered fins reduce the amount of wash on main assemblies
    • Spring-loaded shafts minimize equipment damage from connecting and absorb vibration while downhole
    • Shortened length makes the tool more robust
    • Quality wiring inside with strain relief on connectors and high-temperature mesh covering for wires