• Tolteq Fill Station

    The Tolteq™ fill station (TFS) offers a simple, compact, and intuitive means of filling oil, eliminating guesswork and the specialized experience typically necessary to oil fill a pulser. The comprehensive TFS has no external pumps or vacuum systems. Easy-to-use fill cycles take the guesswork out of your oil fill.



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    • Sequential pressure/vacuum cycles take guesswork out of oil fill
    • Straightforward, hassle-free operation
    • Portable design, weighs less than 50 lb (19 x 17 in.)
    • Balanced, quiet, dual vacuum/pressure pump
    • Complete package—no external pumps or air system required
    • Twin circulation vacuum/pressure lines eliminate bubbles in oil fill
    • Powerful pump capable of -29.5 Hg/20 psi