• Tolteq Service and Support

    Tolteq Sensor Calibration Service 

    Extreme environmental forces will wreak havoc on your sensors; electronics age prematurely, accuracy drifts, and sensitivity diminishes. With our full calibration service, you can bring new life to your costly equipment and restore the original manufacturer specifications for all your sensors. With the most comprehensive and accurate calibration service in the industry, you can expect better downhole accuracy and fewer measurement errors.

    Tolteq Maintenance and Reliability Training

    Tolteq maintenance and reliability training is a customized course that focuses on downhole, surface, and shop products. The curriculum can be fine-tuned to address varying levels of experience, with the aim of enabling all levels of personnel to perform their best. Targeted assessments are administered throughout the course, ensuring comprehension, and a certificate awarded upon completion recognizes participants for their newly acquired expertise.

    This training provides a comprehensive overview of MWD hardware maintenance and testing. Shop technicians will be instructed on a variety of standard Tolteq procedures, including tool disassembly, cleaning, and reassembly, with a focus on maximizing operational reliability. A better understanding of how to work with our products helps eliminate costly errors by enabling your organization to master and integrate proven maintenance procedures into an effective, efficient workflow. 

    Equipping your team with background and insight into the workings of our products will also help prepare them to confidently tackle challenges and deliver the highest level of customer service. In addition, your team will develop knowledge of our software applications, including the Tool Tracker software, and learn how those applications can be leveraged into the shop environment. This ensures that you receive the maximum value from the integrated solution of hardware and software.



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    • Minimal environmental interference with an integrated real-time magnetic sensor and a specialized nonferrous building
    • State-of-the-art nonmagnetic calibration stands measure against the Earth’s magnetic field for true accuracy
    • Multiple dedicated stations run advanced proprietary software
    • Calibration for most major sensor manufacturers: G.E./Tensor, MicroTesla, and Azimuth
    • Calibration of all six sensors at temperature
    • Multiple roll tests throughout the process
    • Measurements of total magnetic field, gravity, azimuth, inclination, toolface angle, and magnetic dip angle
    • Calibration at the highest rated temperature
    • Final independent roll test