• Tolteq Tool Tracker

    The Tolteq™ Tool Tracker™ software offers user-friendly MWD data analysis and data archiving capabilities. The Tool Tracker software interfaces with Tolteq tools to provide enhanced access to downhole data, which eliminates troubleshooting guesswork, increases mean time between failures, and helps keep the tools operating at maximum efficiency. The Tool Tracker software displays a variety of logged measurements, including temperature, vibration, shock, and RPM to provide  a complete picture of the downhole environment. The system analyzes the data, allowing for quick identification and resolution of issues.



    Operational History

    The Operational History page is very helpful for monitoring the lifetime history of a tool. This screen displays the total tool life statistical data including hours of temperature ranges as well as two resettable odometers to track individual jobs.

    All of the Tolteq iSeries tools record their own operating history including:

    • Total time on
    • Flow-on time
    • Flow-off time       
    • Hours of use at nine different temperature ranges
    • Hours of exposure to vibration      
    • Number of shock events experienced


    The Notepad allows the user a place to record detailed information about the tool such as job history, maintenance, etc. The information is stored directly in the tool’s memory for retrieval at a later time.

    Shock and Vibration

    The shock and vibration page provides insight into what happened downhole.


    The temperature graph shows the complete temperature history of the tool while downhole.

    Battery Performance

    Battery performance information is available, allowing the user to view battery voltage and current during resting and pulsing events.

    Flow Events

    Flow events are tracked on the flow graph, providing easy access to flow-on/flow-off as well as flow values. These flow values can be used to set the sensitivity of the digital flow switch in the Tolteq pulser module.

    Data Analysis and Troubleshooting

    Troubleshoot down to each flow-on event and pulse with the easy-to-use multivariable graphing function.