• Tolteq iSeries Pulser Ruggedized Gamma Module (iPRGM)

    The Tolteq™ iSeries pulser ruggedized gamma module (iPRGM) combines a pulser with an intelligent gamma sensor to deliver a powerful two-in-one tool that puts gamma close to the drill bit. The module is configurable to suit individual customer needs, working as a traditional pulser or in a variety of other capacities with the addition of tailored components. Extensive battery life, high-temperature reliability, and simple maintenance further drive the module’s wide applicability in the field, where the data it logs is transformed into a powerful analytical device by the Tool Tracker™ software.



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    • Acquires gamma 5.5 ft closer to the bit 
    • Less time to assemble
    • More logging features
    • Enhanced circuit protection features
    • Add or remove gamma as needed
    • No capacitor bank
    • Eliminate noise in downhole electrical tool system
    • Incredible reliability, even in the toughest LCM environments
    • Interfaces with legacy MWD system
    • Internal current consumption logged to memory
    • Quality Tolteq wiring inside with strain-relief connectors and high-temperature mesh covering for wires
    • Simplified single-coil design
    • Operational time and environment history recorded in internal memory*
    • Integrated three-axis digital flow switch
    • Shock and vibration monitoring and logging*
    • Flow switch values and performance logging*
    • More than 400 operational hours on a single battery

    *Requires Tool Tracker software to download