• Tolteq iSeries Top-Mount Pulser

    The Tolteq™ iSeries top-mount pulser (TMP) is designed for applications where there is significant lost-circulation material (LCM), and it will effortlessly dispense with a variety of mud weights and content. The TMP includes a variety of smart logging features with Tool Tracker™, and you can upgrade the tool though firmware. The TMP provides all of the advantages of top-mount technology and delivers on its promise of an advanced configuration that gets strong, consistent pulses even in the most extreme LCM environments.


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    Strong, consistent pulses with three flow options (400/600/1,000 GPM)

    • Virtually eliminates LCM issues while freeing up the critical downhole end

    Protected wiring for superior resistance to vibration

    • Handles extreme environments

    Simple design adopts several iSeries parts and sub-assemblies

    • Simplifies maintenance and offers a straightforward oil fill

    Tool Tracker integration

    • Provides access to logged tool history and environmental data with an upgrade path through future firmware updates

    Efficient, solenoid-based technology

    • Eliminates the need for a power-hungry motor drive and extends battery life