• Tolteq iSeries NXT MWD Solutions

    NOV has delivered the next generation of MWD tools with the iSeries™ NXT platform from our Tolteq™ family of directional systems. The NXT platform enhances the capabilities of the proven iSeries platform with new capabilities that can support your ever-growing measurement requirements and enable real-time drilling optimization for your operations.

    Together with the recently developed near-bit measurement sub (iNBS) and the symmetric propagation resistivity (SPR) LWD tool, the drilling optimization capabilities provided by NXT solidify the Tolteq iSeries as the industry-standard platform in MWD technology.  


    Our NXT tools are compatible with legacy iSeries tools, enabling the use of existing tool fleets to provide the following additional NXT capabilities with limited investment:
    • iSeries NXT directional module features such as continuous inclination and azimuth and stick-slip detection*
    • iSeries NXT top-mounted pulser delivers faster data rates while providing increased shock and vibration resistance with a fixed-mount design
    • iSeries NXT PWD sensor is available with the top-mount pulser for real-time measurements of annular and internal bore pressure while drilling
    • iSeries NXT retrievable pulser features faster data rates and the addition of nearmotor sensors*
    Tolteq iSeries tools are the leading probe-based mud pulse MWD tools. With more than 600 tools in operation, the iSeries platform is recognized for its reliability, low operating costs, and user-friendly operation and maintenance.

    *Pending Release

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