• Tolteq iSeries Near-bit Sub

    The Tolteq™ iSeries near-bit sub (iNBS) is a near-bit tool that provides real-time inclination and azimuthal gamma data for geosteering and well placement operations.


    The iNBS tool connects with the Tolteq iSeries mud pulse MWD platform for real-time data transmission. Providing continuous inclination and azimuthal gamma images with up to 16 sectors available in real time, the iNBS tool enables accurate well placement even in the thinnest of reservoirs. As the shortest near-bit measurement sub on the market, the iNBS tool ensures steerability when run below a motor.



    • Dynamic inclination measurement allows continuous monitoring of well trajectory progression while drilling.
    • Azimuthal gamma ray imaging with up to 16 sections of gamma measurement for proactive geosteering.
    • Electromagnetic short-hop telemetry seamlessly transmits data through Tolteq iSeries MWD to surface.


    • Monitors bit progression at any time.
    • Tightly places wellbores through even the thinnest pay zones.
    • Continually acquires images in sliding mode.

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