• Wireline Steering Tool

    The Wireline Steering Tool consists of a Directional Measurement Unit (DMU) and a steering module acting as a modem to send high-speed data to its surface system via wireline at 1200 bps. The system offers many advantages for real-time borehole measurements for a variety of drilling applications including under-balanced, short radius, slimhole, and air drilling.

    The Steering Tool system is made up of the following:

    • Downhole directional probe, with optional gamma and pressure sensors
    • 1 3/4" (44.45 mm) OD downhole running gear with centralization
    • Surface wireline power supply unit (psu) and Steer Software
    • Rig floor display unit

    The Wireline Steering Tool is modular in design and can be fitted with a series of additional sensor modules for MWD service in conventional jointed pipe or coiled tubing applications.


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