• VectorEDGE Rotary Steerable System

    The VectorEDGE™ rotary steerable system (RSS) is the first RSS tool designed for performance vertical, lateral and 3D profile drilling in unconventional wells. Operators and directional drillers can now receive the benefits of RSS tools cost-effectively from the tool’s unique fit-for-purpose design.


    The VectorEDGE RSS is a simple and cost-effective, three-dimensional push-the-bit RSS that provides full directional control of the wellbore under full rotation of the drillstring. The system has various configurations with different toolface settings (1° increments) and aggressivity settings (1% increments) for directional adjustment. The VectorEDGE system also has a closed-loop control system, which is capable of making automatic adjustments to maintain the current wellbore inclination or continuously seek vertical.The VectorEDGE is currently available in 6½-in. size, which is suitable in 7  to 8 ¾-in. hole sizes.


    • Higher overall ROP
    • Eliminates sliding
    • Reduces tortuosity 
    • Improved borehole quality
    • Simple, reliable downlinks, not dependent on mud pumps
    • Motor-assist capable
    • Compatible with EM and mud-pulse MWD systems
    • Economically feasible for the high-volume market
      • Lower operating rate
      • Reduced LIH cost