• VectorEXAKT Rotary Steerable System

    Smart Drilling GmbH is now part of NOV and its rotary steerable system (RSS) tools are offered through ReedHycalog as the VectorZIEL™ and VectorEXAKT™ products – formerly known as the Smart Drilling Scout and ZBE tools, respectively. You can visit our German language website at smartdrilling.de or find more details below. 

    Our VectorEXAKT vertical rotary steerable system (RSS) is designed for high performance in vertical drilling operations. The VectorEXAKT system is set apart by its high rate of penetration, precise verticality control, and robust design. 


    The VectorEXAKT RSS stays on course through continuous steering—when there is a deviation from vertical, the system will autonomously steer back on course. You can also run the VectorEXAKT system below a motor for performance drilling applications.


    Integrated MWD system

    • Provides real-time feedback while drilling 

    Near-bit inclination and gamma measurements

    • Delivers directional and geological information within 4 ft of the bit 

    Closed-loop vertical control that requires no intervention from surface

    • Steers and maintains a vertical hole autonomously 

    Can be combined with NOVs MWD and LWD tool portfolio 

    • Allows the construction of a fully integrated drilling and logging BHA 

    Short non-rotating housing with four steering ribs 

    • Provides accurate vertical control even under severe stick-slip conditions