• Cutter Technology

    Drilling efficiency is very strongly reliant on rock cutting efficiency which in turn demands optimal rock cutting technology. ReedHycalog leads the industry with cutting technologies that significantly increase durability, wear and abrasion resistance in a broad range of formations.

    ReedHycalog™ offers a suite of innovative solutions that make use of ReedHycalog TReX Thermostable PDC technology, including Raptor cutters, DuraForce impact resistant cutters and RazorEdge high efficiency cutters. In addition, the unique Powder Forge (PF) process is used in roller cone TuffCutter bits. This process uses Forged-In™ high density tungsten carbide teeth that deliver superior life and ROP.

    Raptor Thermostable PDC Cutters

    NOV’s breakthrough Thermostable PDC bits drill further and faster by virtue of the deep-leached technology. Thermostable PDC bits with second generation Raptor cutters.

    DuraForce Impact Resistant Cutters

    The industry leader in rock cutting technology also provides DuraForce impact resistant cutters. DuraForce cutters are the latest generation of ReedHycalog TReX deep-leached thermostable PDC cutters with enhanced toughness. By re-engineering the materials and geometry, DuraForce cutters reduce the risk of catastrophic diamond table loss, thereby significantly increasing durability and bit performance.

    Powder Forge Process

    TuffCutter bits manufactured by the patented Powder Forge Process provides a unique solution to your demanding soft formation drilling applications where hard, abrasive inclusions or stringers preclude the use of conventional tooth bits.

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