• DrillShark Automated Drilling Service

    The DrillShark™ drilling optimization service consists of a rig-based optimization and automation platform supported by a remote service team that maintains system performance to meet the needs of your drilling program. Our DrillShark service uses surface data, selectable search algorithms, and advanced rig equipment control interfaces for automated adjustments to the weight on bit, topdrive RPM, and differential pressure setpoints. These drilling parameters are continuously and consistently adjusted to increase ROP and/or optimize drilling efficiency.  

    Our patented and proven approach delivers value through an adaptable model that  allows the user to customize the service for their specific drilling needs. The DrillShark service is further enhanced by a global network of service personnel, providing 24/7 support to maximize service benefits. Easy field deployment of the DrillShark service can be implemented on existing rigs with NOV rig controls in the field. Our DrillShark service can also be delivered as an application for rigs operating the NOVOS™ control platform. 


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    Dynamic search mode   

    • Continuous performance
    • Continually updates parameters for maximum efficiency

    Fitted on a conventional rig 

    • Ease of implementation


    • Allows drilling set points to be identified and maintained
    • Provides precise control

    Graphical user interface

    • Ease of control and understanding
    • User friendly