• Real-Time Technology Center

    The Real-Time Technology Center (RTTC) is an advanced monitoring and advisory support center for drilling, drilling optimization, and rig operations around the world. The RTTC provides remote support from NOV experts, who work around the clock proactively monitoring and analyzing real-time drilling data to optimize the drilling environment.

    The ReedHycalog business unit relies on the RTTC as its analytics hub for all drilling data. As a vital part of the eVolve™ Optimization Service, the RTTC stores and analyzes data while drilling to support your operational needs and performance objectives. RTTC services vary with the different tiers of eVolve service, ranging from tools/systems information that facilitates more informed decision making to being actively engaged with rigsite personnel and drilling contractors.

    The RTTC gives you 24/7 access to a pool of expertise in drilling and operations optimization in one location as well as vendor-neutral drilling performance analysis aimed at increasing efficiency.

    We offer the flexibility to customize solutions involving either individual or comprehensive optimization offerings from our diverse portfolio. Our optimization advisors work with your key drilling personnel on the predrill analysis to determine the best fit-for-purpose solution to achieve your goals and objectives at a minimum cost.


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    Real-time monitoring and advisory service for drilling operations 
    • Supports the identification and mitigation of drilling inefficiencies while drilling  
    NOV drilling experts on duty around the clock 
    • Provides 24/7 technical and operational support  
    Customizable levels of information and support 
    • Provides foundation for all DDS eVolve Optimization service tiers  
    Remote support doesn’t require extra personnel or new software 
    • Reduces operational costs and enhances efficiency  
    Knowledge management and information transfer 
    • Provides lessons learned, best practices, and better understanding through analysis of historical trends 

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