• TrueDrill Real-time Downhole Autodriller Application

    Our TrueDrill™ real-time downhole autodriller application analyzes downhole drilling dynamic measurements and automatically adjusts the surface weight on bit (WOB) to maintain a desired downhole WOB (DWOB). The app uses high-speed, real-time downhole data to maintain target weight at the bit, providing a higher ROP and improved directional control while reducing downhole equipment and drill bit damage.


    The TrueDrill app is designed for use in conjunction with our downhole BlackStream™ EMS tool and the IntelliServ™ wired drillpipe system to provide closed-loop control of drill-line payout using the DWOB measurement. The app uses advanced control algorithms to evaluate the system weight transfer characteristics and matches the drawworks payout response with the current drilling environment requirements. The TrueDrill app interfaces with the rig control system, providing set points for the rig autodriller that match the desired DWOB set point. The TrueDrill app includes the control logic, safety case logic, operating platform, and user interface.

    This technology brings significant benefit to our industry, especially in the development of unconventional assets as drilling becomes slow and more challenging the longer the lateral. The TrueDrill app’s results have demonstrated that it significantly improves ROP and directional performance by delivering the required weight at the bit.


    Automatically adjust surface WOB based on real-time downhole data

    • Improves ROP to provide optimum drilling performance 
    • Optimizes WOB transfer while sliding
    • Confidently increase surface weight input without overloading downhole components

      Compatible with the NOVOS™ operating system

      • Offers seamless rig integration as a NOVOS application


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