• BlackStream EMS StreamThru Tools

    The StreamThru variant of the BlackStream™ enhanced measurement system (EMS) family of drilling data acquisition tools, available in both 6.75- and 8.25-in. sizes, is similar in footprint, physical design, sensors, and data-capture techniques to the traditional BlackStream EMS tool.



    The BlackStream EMS StreamThru tool incorporates an IntelliServ™ coil on the lower (pin) connection, while previous variants only had a single coil embedded within the tool’s box connection, which effectively blocked the wired drillpipe network to any tool located below the EMS. The addition of a bottom coil enables combined parallel telemetry of the BlackStream EMS StreamThru tool data and any secondary wired drillpipe-enabled tools’ data to surface for use by the rig crew or applications. This breakthrough eliminates the prior design limitation of EMS tools becoming the end of the wired drillpipe network due to their lack of bottom connection. Additionally, it represents a major step forward in allowing not only combinations of multiple BlackStream tools to be run in series along wired drillpipe but also placements of other third-party wired drillpipe tools.


    • Allows for parallel memory recording and real-time telemetry via the IntelliServ wired drillpipe network 
    • Transmits data to surface at rates up to 80 Hz 
    • Records statistical data (maximum, minimum, mean, standard deviation) to memory every 2.56 seconds 
    • Records downhole weight, downhole torque, two-axis bending, rotation, three-axis vibration, annular pressure, internal pressure, and temperature 
    • Recording data can lead to mitigation/optimization of events such as weight transfer, stick-slip, and wellbore tortuosity
    • Available in two material varieties for application specific needs: 
      • Standard nonmagnetic material applications
      • H2S "sour service" gas drilling applications