• eVolve: AUTOMATE

    Our eVolve™ Optimization Service’s premier offering improves drilling efficiency and wellbore quality while enhancing safety. AUTOMATE uses the world’s first application of closed-loop, downhole data to drive NOV’s state-of-the-art rig control systems. Sensors in the drilling environment enable best-in-class performance with a control system finely tuned for any operation. This new technology uses innovative software to improve drilling performance and operational efficiencies in addition to reducing manual interpretation of drilling data.

    AUTOMATE includes six main components*:

    • High-frequency, high-speed downhole data acquisition tools
    • IntelliServ™ high-speed telemetry network and service
    • NOV control system add-on
    • Drilling applications and software
    • Graphical user interfaces and reporting
    • NOV’s Dynamic Drilling Solutions (DDS) Services personnel support 

    In addition to these components, real-time remote monitoring from the Real-Time Technology Center (RTTC) and on-site supervision ensure optimum performance. Enhanced datasets reduce and refine assumptions about the drilling environment, advancing the industry’s wellbore technology. Real-time data and action-oriented software increase safety, improve wellbore condition, and reduce well delivery costs.

    * NOV control system and NOV topdrive are required.

    eVolve Optimization Service Case Histories

    eVolve reduces drilling time-Bakken 
    eVolve improves performance-Eagle Ford 
    eVolve operation improvements-North Sea 

    Additional case histories can be found here.


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    Closed-loop control using data from BHA and drillstring locations

    • Improves safety and wellbore condition-monitoring
    • Increases ROP and reduces NPT

    Customized drilling applications and software 

    • Optimizes drilling efficiency
    • Streamlines drilling processes

    On-site operations support and offsite project monitoring at our 24/7 support center

    • Provides additional operations oversight and reduces risks 
    • Delivers drilling optimization recommendations
    • Facilitates hands-on rigsite training

    High-speed telemetry network

    • Reduces communication time between surface systems and downhole tools

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