• Coatings for Sucker Rods

    Tuboscope’s sucker rod coating solutions utilize stainless steel and modified epoxy to extend rod string life and mitigate problems associated with operating in highly corrosive conditions.



    Protecting sucker rods is a critical component of successful and efficient rod pumping programs. The combination of highly corrosive environments and harsh pumping conditions can severely damage and shorten the life of your rod string. Tuboscope’s advanced sucker rod coatings are proven to extend the life of your rod string in the harshest downhole environments.
    Our Stainless Steel/Epoxy Coating (SS/EC) combines a sprayed stainless steel barrier with tough epoxy top-coated resins, which together deliver record-breaking performance in highly corrosive and abrasive well conditions. The SS/EC double-strength interlocking shield provides the utmost protection against downhole corrosion, while also being exceedingly resistant to the physical abuse of every day oilfield handling. This double-tough coating consistently outlasts other available rod coatings. Stainless steel continues to resist corrosion even when exposed to chemical action. SS / EC rods are corrosion and abrasion resistant, but flexible enough to endure harsh pumping environments.


    Modified Epoxy Coating

    • Increases used rod inspection recovery rate
    • Excellent for high-volume, hard-to-treat wells
    • Reduces downtime and rod pulling costs due to failure
    • Protects guided rods from corrosion attack due to turbulent flow

    Stainless Steel Coating

    • Superior chemical resistance
    • Designed for CO2 limited H2S and salt H2O Servic
    • Extremely durable — will handle incidental abrasion and mechanical contact
    • No special handling required — use API recommended practice for bare rod
    • Highly flexible — steel sucker rods will yield before this coating disband
    • Increases rod string life 6 to 10 times in severe cases

    TK-SMP is a new type of hybrid external coating for sucker rods or the external surface of pipe that combines the wear and corrosion benefits of a metallic coating as well as the high performance properties of a liquid organic coating. This hybrid system developed internally by Tuboscope provides temperature performance, excellent chemical and wear resistance along with flexibility in harsh pumping environments.


    • Chemical and wear resistance
    • Temperature performance