• Facility, Storage, and Logistics Services

    To achieve an excellent customer experience, our Logistics department provides a variety of complementary yard services, such as storage and handling that are included with inspection and threading activities.

    We also have facility security measures in place, as well as an on-line inventory management system that allows clients to track the status and rack location of their pipe. To enable efficient pipe movements within our yard, we have a large modern fleet of forklifts equipped with pipe clamps and other safety devices as weight indicators and a fleet management system. In addition, we are able to deliver project management regarding tubular services. 

    An AEO/ Authorised Economic Operator

    The AEO-certificate has been given to NOV Tuboscope NL after several audits by the Dutch Customs, aiming to verify compliancy of customs rules, safety standards and financial health. 

    This certification means that both Tuboscope NL and our customers will benefit from efficient customs clearance procedures. 


    • Easier admittance to customs simplifications
    • Fewer physical and document-based controls
    • Prior notification in case of selection for customs control (related to other customs legislation)
    • Priority treatment if selected for control
    • Possibility to request a specific place for customs controls
    • Bonded area/warehousing                      

    By storing goods (outside the EU) , a company can postpone the moment of clearance, and thus the payment of these duties, or avoid payment altogether if the goods are destined for customers outside the EU.



    Yard Services and Features:


    • AEO Certified
    • Customs Licensed Bonded Area
    • Security Cameras and Third Party Security
    • Paved Yard with Rain Water Drains
    • Insulated Storage Buildings
    • High Fence Enclosed Yard 157,350m2
    • Online Inventory Tracking System (CWS)
    • Pipe Management (FIFO)
    • Inventory Management
    • Bundling
    • Framing
    • Loading