• Containment Well Cellars

    The containment well cellar is an alternative solution that addresses the need for higher HSE standards in the modern oilfield while providing environmental stewardship and increased operational performance.


    Well cellars have seen little advancement since their introduction more than 50 years ago, with employees frequently working in unimproved excavations with culvert pipe even to this day. Conventional well cellars also allow seepage of drilling fluid and impaired rainwater in to the surrounding soil, which poses a significant environmental risk and can lead to associated costly remediation activities.

    Our well cellars offer long-term prevention of water and soil contamination that can be caused by lubricants and fluids used during drilling, workover, completion, and production operations. The well cellar becomes a permanent part of the facility and incorporates long term safety, environmental, and operational improvements while reducing costs. The system substantially reduces or eliminates pumping well cellars and disposal of fluids. The well cellar becomes a sealed, dry, structural support for the conductor, inhibiting broaching.

    The system provides wellsite containment that meets federal and state secondary containment permeability standards while minimizing or eliminating potential for OSHA workplace safety violations. With a selection of standard containment well cellars as well as numerous options, NOV Cellar Tech can develop customized designs for your operations.

    Bunker containment well cellars are available in a variety of size configurations designed to house single wellheads.

    Fortress containment well cellar facilities provide a permanent, below grade structure to house multiple wellheads on multi-well pads. Various wellhead spacing and containment well cellar facility dimensions satisfy pad design requirements.

    Correct installation of your NOV Cellar Tech containment well cellar is critical to ensure optimal performance. A small crew can install multiple cellars in a single day, and our containment well cellars can be installed simultaneously while conductors are being set on the same pad. NOV Cellar Tech currently offers installation services for our containment well cellars as well as conductors. Upon completion, you will have a well cellar that:

    • Lowers costs over the lifetime of the well
    • Improves environmental stewardship
    • Increases worker safety in and around the well cellar.