• Drill-out and Prep Services

    FluidControl's Completions Services Group offers a comprehensive portfolio of project-specific drill-out and prep services and associated equipment. Complementing our advanced line of portable mixing tanks, non-damaging fluids and associated additives are tourly analysis of fluid properties - the only completions services entity that routinely conducts daily fluid checks. In addition, with an average of more than 12 years of experience, the expertise of our highly trained and customer-focused completion services specialists is unmatched in the industry.




    Mobile Mixing Plants

    The FluidControl Completions Services Group provides the full range of dual-compartment skid-mounted mobile mixing plants with capacities from 50 to 400-bbl. Specific plants and supplementary offerings include:

      •  Portable Power generator for blenders if required

      •  200-bbl dual-compartment diesel-powered and self-contained mixing plant, comprising 150-bbl surface volume and a 50-bbl sweep tank

      •  75-bbl dual-compartment skid-mounted mixing tank employing two self-contained diesel pumps

      •  Compact 50-bbl dual-compartment trailer and skid-mounted mobile units, engineered with a small footprint for tight locations

      •  New dual pump tank

    Fluids and Additives

    Our line of fluids and additives designed for drill-out and prep services include:

      •  Bromides

      •  Sodium chloride NaCL (up to 26%)

      •  Calcium chloride CaCl2 (up to 11.6 ppg)

      •  Potassium chloride KCl (up to 24%)

      •  Lost circulation material (LCM), encompassing organic, sized salt and polymeric products

                    -  Friction reducers

                    -  Lubricants

                    -  Packer fluids

                    -  Polymer for sweeps

    Monitoring and Reporting Services

    Completions Services specialists employ a variety of tools to ensure the drill-out and well prep operation is proceeding in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Our routine monitoring and reporting services include:

      •  Once-per-tour fluid analysis that examines real-time properties, including rheology, pH, chlorides, low-end viscosity and gels, among others

      •  Coiled tubing drill-out data monitoring, including chemical usage, fluid make-up and pressures

      •  Post-well recaps

      •  Historical reviews, including local chemical usage and costs

    Completion Services

    NOV offers an exclusive portfolio of equipment and capabilities to address the increasing demand for completion support services. Due to the ever-growing focus and challenges of horizontal completions, NOV has designed a wide range of equipment to meet these changing demands; many of which are not available from other service providers. Our comprehensive line of offerings includes advanced water treatment services, water transfer services, frac tanks, treatment chemicals, drill-out engineering services, vacuum truck services and specialty products, such as generators and light towers.