• Drilling Fluids

    FluidControl combines a complete portfolio of drilling, drill-in and completion fluid systems, and additives with exceptional wellsite design to reduce non-productive time (NPT), costs, and HSE impact to maximize asset value. In applications worldwide, our planning-to-production approach extends to industry-leading solids control, drilling waste management, fluids reclamation, and water transfer and reuse.  

    FluidControl develops and employs state-of-the-art technologies, experience, and resource commitment to provide our global clients practical approaches that achieve extraordinary results. A straightforward and application-specific fluids program tailored to your objectives helps optimize process efficiency and reduce costs, regardless of the scale or complexity of your application.

    Drilling Fluids 

    FluidControl provides superior drilling fluids systems, additives, and technical solutions to the global oil and gas industry. Our fluids experts design solutions from planning to execution and post-well recaps. We deliver detailed drilling fluids programs, daily technical reports, ongoing analysis, and end-of-well reports to provide customers all the data needed for a successful project now and in the future.

    We provide a full line of invert emulsion and water-based drilling fluids formulated to meet specific project requirements. FluidControl focuses on delivering high-performance, environmentally friendly drilling fluids.

    Drilling Fluid Systems 

    • Oil-based systems
    • Synthetic-based systems
    • Water-based systems


    • Lubricants
    • Shale inhibitors
    • Rheology modifiers
    • Filtration control agents
    • Lost circulation materials for preventive and remedial applications
    • Full offering of base fluid additives and commercial chemical

    Technical Services  

    • On-site technical services
    • Office-based technical support
    • Pore pressure analysis
    • Hydraulic analysis and planning
    • Solids control and waste management planning and analysis
    • Laboratory support for routine fluid evaluation and detailed chemical analysis
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