• Data Acquisition

    NOV's data acquisition product lines provide real-time drilling instrumentation, geological services, and visualization solutions for your drilling operations, as well as providing data communication to a broad range of information management offerings.

    Our data acquisition solutions are designed to display the specific real-time data needed for particular rig operations, flexible alarm capabilities, and access to historical information while offering unparalleled ease of use coupled with a high degree of flexibility. When our integrated measurement solutions are included as part of the drilling operations, you gain the benefit of intelligent surface instrumentation positioned around the rig and on the drillstring. These solutions can be customized to operate as standalone or integrated systems, using leading sensor technologies and the latest in computer and data acquisition systems.

    Our data acquisition offerings meet worldwide certification requirements and have an extensive training and field-support infrastructure. Our solutions are designed to provide the most accurate and dependable drilling information to help your drilling teams make confident, well-informed decisions. 

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