• e-Wildcat Electronic Autodrilling System

    NOV’s e-Wildcat™ electronic autodrilling system delivers superior performance, including reduced bit wear, improved safety, enhanced rig efficiency, and a higher quality wellbore.

    The e-Wildcat system with RigSense™ information capabilities provides constant force and payout to generate a higher quality wellbore and optimize drilling parameters. The system smoothly controls payout via brake handle, using precise stepper motor control technology and multiple-parameter drilling in “auto drill” mode. In addition to the Delta-P technology and proven reliability, our e-Wildcat system expands control parameters to include ROP, weight on bit (WOB), and torque. The “time drill” feature allows drilling at a specific rate, addressing specialized requirements of casing sidewall milling and sidetrack operations within multilateral openhole wellbores.

    The robust design of our e-Wildcat system provides the precise control and performance needed in your conventional and unconventional drilling operations—the high count stepper motor and improved control algorithms improve your drilling control and results.


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    Driller can have a set point that will limit torque and reduce stalling

    • Saves time by no longer having to come off bottom to release stored torque

    Control mode identification can display active control loop and allow parameters to be selected

    • Increases accuracy to maximize performance gains

    Digital control can increase the accuracy to a set point

    • Provides more precise slow drilling

    The mud-pump hydraulics safety cutout will stop the line payoff if there is an insufficient mud-pump rate

    • Prevents dry drilling from burning up drill bits

    Drum movement protection electronically senses the driller starting to hoist and will disconnect if left engaged

    • Secures the equipment and keeps the driller safe

    Drill stop point makes the system drill to a depth entered by the driller and no farther

    • Helps prevent rig floor collisions to keep the equipment intact

    The patented bit protect feature automatically controls bit placement and reaming speed

    • Saves time and money with longer bit life

    Time drill feature allows control of drilling amounts and time taken to reach stop points

    • Assists the driller with tasks such as kickoff, sidetracking, and milling