• Gas Watch III Gas Detection System

    Built on NOV-patented technology, the Gas Watch™ III dual infrared system measures both methane (C1) and propane (C3) gases. Unaffected by oil-based mud, the Gas Watch III system measures only formation gasses, accurately pinpointing gas shows and their magnitude. Calculating the C1/C3 ratio can provide a valuable tool in identifying hydrocarbon characteristics, which aid in geosteering and reservoir characterization. Solid-state sensors eliminate the need for field calibration and are guaranteed for five years.

    The new QGM trap's enhanced sampling function guarantees accurate air-to-gas mixture, which is critical in gas-ratio analysis and minimizes the effects of changing mud levels. Our new design eliminates motor seizure due to corrosive liquids and allows quick and easy maintenance, resulting in maximum uptime.

    You can track all gas readings on the rig in conjunction with your normal RigSense™  Electronic Drilling Recorder (EDR) and access your data though the WellData™ information system.

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    Dual sensor detects C1, C3, and total gas

    • Speciation of gasses aids in geosteering and hydrocarbon characterization
    Hydrocarbon-specific sensors
    • Identifies formation gasses only and not impacted by oil-based mud
    Solid-state infrared technology
    • Eliminates sensors fading over time and remains calibrated longer
    No filaments to change and operating range of -22ºF (-30ºC) to 122ºF (50ºC) 
    • Requires minimal maintenance and provides strong dependability
    Integrates with the RigSense EDR
    • Provides tracking of C1, C3, and total gas/ROP gas log on the rig


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