• Remote Logging

     Our remote logging service provides 24/7 monitoring of our GasWatch™  III detection systems and RigSense™  rigsite information system to ensure maximum uptime and accurate depth referencing for gas shows. Along with 24/7 customer support, ROP gas logs and data files are generated and delivered twice a day. Our remote logging service is a proven alternative to mud logging and reduces your operational costs.  

    You receive accurate data with our Remote Logging 24/7 monitoring service. The Remote Logging service monitors all gas readings in real time and will contact the service center if any problems arise to reduce downtime. The experience provided by our loggers will help maintain quality data and interpretations you expect with full-service mudlogging. 

    The Remote Logging Center provides bi-daily reporting of lag-corrected ROP gas logs. Depending on gas detector selection and operational requirements, the ROP gas log may include ROP, total gas, normalized gas, C1 and C3 curves, lag correction, major events, and service and repair reports. Logs are displayed in MD and may include TVD reference and hole trajectory. MWD, LWD, geological descriptions, and lithology may be included with composite log services.   


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     24/7 monitoring and support of gas detection and related drilling parameters

    • Promotes maximum uptime

    Lag correction

    • Ensures accurate gas lag corrections to pinpoint depth of gas shows

    ROP gas log

    • Displays lag-corrected total gas, methane, propane, and comments. MWD and LWD data can be added by request.

    Cost-effective alternative solution to mud logging

    Reduces operational costs and eliminates two or more rig personnel

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