• Connect Rigsite Data Aggregation System

     NOV’s Connect rigsite data aggregation and information management system addresses the rapidly expanding need to collect, archive, and distribute real-time data for drilling and well construction operations.  

    The flexibility of our Connect system allows it to not only connect to a variety of third-party instrumentation and control systems, but it can also seamlessly integrate into other NOV systems and services, providing immediate real-time data access for products such as RigSense™, DrillShark™, IntelliServ, SDI, Amphion™, Cyberbase™, and many other services. By combining our Connect system with your current rig optimization program, WellData™, or real-time operating center, you have access to comprehensive data management capabilities that can help resolve drilling problems; increase safety, efficiency, and drilling rates; and reduce the time, costs, and risks associated with drilling.
    Dedicated solution and product support is provided by a team of NOV technical representatives who understand your data management needs and know how to implement the best solutions to meet your project’s goals. Since the Connect system is designed to integrate with existing rig systems, the installation costs much less than setting up a separate, standalone data aggregation system and data center connection.  


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    Flexible, vendor-neutral data collection and delivery solution allows the Connect system to interface with a multitude of rigsite data sources and instrumentation systems

    • Transforms rigsite data into a meaningfully standardized data set that can be easily utilized by downstream systems. Standardized data storage allows accurate fleet-wide analysis and well-informed decisions that lead to increased efficiency across multiple wells and drilling programs.

    Supports aggregation of all available rigsite data including MWD and LWD information

    • Provides rig personnel with information to make accurate, well-informed decisions regarding actual well trajectory

    Supports industry-standard formats, including WITS, WITSML, OPC, LAS, ASCII, and Modbus

    • Enables direct interface with a variety of systems to retrieve necessary data

    Efficient bandwidth management with encrypted data delivery and archiving capabilities

    • Ensures safety of sensitive well data

    24/7 access to experienced representatives and data quality monitoring

    • Provides technical support and accurate results

    Configuration tool for total customization

    • Provides flexible operation without additional software engineering time


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