• DrillLink Automated Control System

    NOV's DrillLink™ automated control system's easy-to-use interface generates command sequences for downlinking to rotary steerables and other downhole tools, eliminating the need for the directional driller to constantly monitor a stopwatch while giving verbal instructions to the driller.

    Our DrillLink system features pull-down software, which means the right instruction for each tool is always loaded to reduce human error. Since the commands are now precise and repeatable, the tool manufacturers can modify their communication systems to allow faster, more efficient downlinking operations. The DrillLink system provides an intelligent interface between service companies and existing rig control systems in an efficient, reliable, and non-intrusive communication format.

    Simply put, our DrillLink system digitizes and modifies the driller's throttle signals to send precise downlinking commands by using the rig's own control system to regulate the speed of the mud pumps. With DrillLink automation, the code in the downhole tool can be modified to recognize shorter duration pulses, resulting in time savings of 50 to 85%.


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    Fast downlinking

    • Saves rig time

    Does not require repeated throttle changes

    • Promotes focused operations-less disruptive to drill crews

    Automatic downlinking 

    • Reduces opportunities for error-no more stop watches, no more manual throttling

    Easy-to-use software

    • Allows the driller to create or select a command then send with the push of a button

    Customizable downlinking

    • Ensures efficient execution-pick a downhole tool instruction, and one click later it's available 

    Repeatable downlinking

    • Provides downlinking accuracy-the right code is sent every time using PLC precision to the nearest millisecond

    Calibration free

    • Uses a percentage of current driller's throttle setting to eliminate calibration

    User-friendly design

    • Simplifies operation for driller-adjust throttles quickly by simply reducing the throttle with existing controls-no need for emergency shut-down devices

    Relays route throttle signals reliably when system is off

    • Minimizes downtime

    Bypass connector allows complete control to be instantly returned to the rig crew in case of problems

    • Minimizes downtime

    Easy to install

    • Allows fast rig up with only a few hours needed within the critical path of rig activity