• SynOpsis Automated Reporting

    Our SynOpsis™ automated reporting software is an automated reporting solution that collects data from rig sensors, determines the activities being performed, and provides rig, crew, and well-efficiency metrics to help you better understand your drilling operations. SynOpsis software eliminates the inefficiencies related to manual rig-time entry and reduces the risk of human errors to provide greater data accuracy.

    Our SynOpsis software offers a variety of intuitive, comprehensive reports that highlight key performance indicators (KPIs) such as rotary/slide drilling ROP, tripping speed, and slip-to-slip/weight-to-weight connections to evaluate rig and well performance. Using detailed and summary information, you can view key metrics by each day, rolled up by well, or, where applicable, by crew. Whether you’re interested in a condensed daily summary of all your rigs or wells, a comprehensive view of rig performance, a post-well report, or a benchmark of multiple rigs and wells in a particular target formation, our solution provides a view to meet your needs.


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    Automated, sensor-derived information

    • Provides increased accuracy on key well-performance metrics
    • Delivers unbiased, high-resolution information for insight into ILT and areas for performance improvement
    • Allows around-the-clock access to critical efficiency KPIs across your rigs and wells

    Variety of intuitive, comprehensive reports

    • Allows you to easily track performance of your rigs, crews, and wells, highlighting key metrics and results against company-defined targets

    Tour report integration (incorporating the RigSense™ report management system)

    • Provides additional context information such as BHA length and identification of casing runs for a more comprehensive well picture

    Email subscriptions configured to meet your needs

    • Provides targeted reports at the frequency you desire—updates can be hourly, daily, weekly, or end of well