• Portable Natural Gas Generators


    NOV Portable Power now offers a robust fleet of cost-effective natural gas generators to augment our line of temporary power solutions. From single units to multi megawatt micro-grid units, Portable Power natural gas generators deliver the power you need, whatever your needs may be. With flexible fuel options and advanced filtration technology, our natural gas generators keep you up and running even when conditions are intermittent and gas quality is less than optimal. 


    • Equipment ranges from 15kW to 2 MW, powered by Cummins, Waukesha, CAT, PSI and others.
    • Natural gas generators can be used in parallel with the grid supply, in automatic or manual modes.
    • Trailered or skid mounted packages are available to meet your mobility/transportation needs
    • Scalable configurations along with paralleling capabilities of up to 32 generators for dependable power delivery


    • Reduced carbon footprint
    • Engine family and Quad J certification available
    • Fully enclosed and sound attenuated package or open skid available 
    • 110% fluid containment available


    • Units capable of GPS telemetry or Deep Sea two way communication with cell service plan
    • Reliable 'Lean Burn' gas engine technology
    • Artic, Offshore and Extreme temperature rated per project parameters.
    • Industry setting service intervals available on select models up to 1,400 hours


    With technical specialists across the globe, we have true 24/7 service and the expertise to deliver industry-leading natural gas power solutions for the oil field in any application. 

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