• BRANDTâ„¢ Atmospheric Degasser

    NOV supplies degassers suitable for any oilfield application. Each degasser efficiently and effectively removes gasses from gas-cut mud, ensuring that the proper mud weight is pumped downhole.

    Atmospheric Degassers aid in the prevention of potential blowouts, and are engineered and manufactured to provide years of reliable service.

    DG-ATM Degassers remove gas from the mud by accelerating the fluid through a submerged pump impeller, up a riser pipe, where it sprays the baffle plate at the center of the spray tank, above the mud surface. The fluid is fanned out from the baffle plate with high velocity, creating a thin sheet that impacts the wall of the spray tank. Degassing occurs as the gas particles are brought to the mud surface by the high impact and turbulence of the thin spray sheet at the wall of the spray tank. The degassed fluid collects at the base of the spray tank and flows out of the discharge trough to the next pit. The gasses escape through the top of the spray tank and dissipate into the atmosphere. This unit does not require an external feed pump.

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    Simple, rugged, field-proven design

    Reliable operation with minimal maintenance and downtime

    Integrated feed pump

    Proper feed requirements with reduced component costs

    Vertical-mount orientation

    Installation in confined spaces via small footprint

    DG-ATM-6 is meant for use in standard mud tanks (6-8 ft, 1.8-2.4 m deep). DG-ATM-8 is meant for use in deeper mud tanks (8-10 ft, 2.4-3 m deep).

    Variety of options available to meet different specifications






    69 in (1759 mm)

    69 in (1759 mm)


    40 in (1016 mm)

    40 in (1016 mm)


    96 in (2457 mm)

    122 in (3112 mm)


    1300 lb (590 kg)

    1450 lb (658 kg)


    Motor Power

    10 hp (7.5 kW)

    10 hp (7.5 kW)

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