• VG-1 Degasser

    BRANDT™ supplies degassers that are able to service the needs of any application.


    Our VG degassers efficiently and effectively remove gasses from gas-cut mud. This ensures the proper mud weight is pumped downhole aiding in the prevention of blowouts. In addition, the VG-1 Degasser improves the performance of surface mud systems, and increases operational safety by removing most entrained gasses in drilling fluids immediately downstream of the shakers and upstream of any centrifugal pumps. VG degassers are engineered and manufactured to provide years of reliable service.

    The VG-1 is a horizontally skid mounted, high-efficiency degasser with a Class I/Div 1 starter and motor. The external JP-10 jet pump system pulls the gas-cut mud into the degasser, and spreads it over the internal dispersion plate in thin layers, separating gas bubbles from the drilling mud. A vacuum pump mounted on the skid then pulls the gas out of the degasser to be piped away for safe venting or flaring. Liquid levels are regulated by a float assembly to ensure the vessel maintains a safe operating capacity. Contact your NOV sales representative for more information.




    Interior components are coated with corrosion resistant cold tar epoxy

    Long part life with minimum maintenance

    Float-regulated liquid level in the degasser chamber

    Ensures that the system will not overfill or run dry

    High performance educator pulls mud into degasser

    Eliminates gas-locking and allows the degassed mud to be discharged up to 20 ft (6 m) away, thus simplifying installation

    Skid mounted vacuum pump

    Protects vacuum unit from damage and provides for simple maintenance

    Fail safe secondary float and filler

    Keeps mud from entering the vacuum pump

    Dispersion plates create thin sheets of gas-cut mud

    Brings entrained gas closer to the mud surface for easy removal

    VG-1 is a horizontally-mounted unit

    Fits in areas where head space is at a premium; able to process 1000 gal/

    min (3785 L/min) of mud




    Flow Rate (with water)

    1000 gal/min (3785 L/min)


    171 in (4343 mm)


    42 in (1067 mm)


    63 ½ in (1613 mm)


    2,800 lb (1270 kg)

    Centrifugal Pump Requirements*

    1000 gal/min @ 75 ft of head (3785 L/min @ 23 m of head)



    Motor Power

    5 hp (3.7 kW)

    Vacuum Rating

    8 - 15 in (203 - 381 mm) of mercury

    *Centrifugal pump supplied by customer. Degasser performance dependent on feed rate to eductor. NOV also offers an atmospheric degasser upon request. Please contact your NOV representative for more details.