• PRIME™ Service




    Mandatory rig inspections or scheduled maintenance provide ideal opportunities to ensure your solids control and waste management package is operating at utmost efficiency. The PRIME Service from BRANDT™ Products allows you to take full advantage of that opportunity by letting you know well in advance what needs to be repaired, replaced or upgraded and having everything ready and waiting when your rig arrives at the shipyard.

    Our certified specialists will give your solids control, mud systems, and drilling waste management systems a thorough, real-world evaluation, up to a year before you are scheduled for the shipyard. Afterwards, we provide you with a comprehensive and objective assessment with recommendations for the most cost-effective repairs, replacements or upgrades. When your rig arrives at the shipyard, all the necessary equipment and fully certified personnel are in place to assure no interruption to your upcoming drilling schedule.

    What’s more, we give you assurance that the modifications we recommend are the most cost-effective. No longer will you be pressed into settling for what is “just good enough” to meet your drilling commitment.

    Objective, all-inclusive survey saves you time, costs

    Having to make a last-minute replacement or other modification so as not to disrupt the drilling program often can lead to unnecessary costs with no increased benefit. If a shaker is not performing up to standard, for instance, time constraints may force you to order a new unit, when in reality you may only need to replace the basket. This is but one of the many value-added benefits you receive by having our industry-recognized experts give your solids control and waste management system a comprehensive and impartial assessment.

    Our impartial, neutral surveys assess the working performance of your solids control, fluid processing and waste management systems. To assure no disruptions, during trips and other non-circulation events, we partially strip down equipment to fully examine the condition of internal components. We also check to make sure your inventory of screens and spare parts is sufficient. Given sufficient information on upcoming drilling programs, we can even recommend screen sizes or equipment upgrades to further optimize your solids control and waste management capabilities.

    PRIME Service is based on your immediate and long-term requirements. Our focus is on:

    • Mechanical and electrical equipment evaluation

    • Evaluation of the complete process including flow distribution, piping, etc.

    • Advise clients on contractual requirements in respect to equipment certification and waste management requirements

    The PRIME Checklist

    With our PRIME Service, you receive a complete report that includes a standardized checklist with serial numbers and the type of equipment and its condition with accompanying photos.

    The thorough survey encompasses every component and function within the solids control and drilling waste management package, including:

    • The complete solids control system, including shakers

    • Drilling fluid system

    • Mud mixing system

    • HP system

    • Gas separation

    • Piping evaluation

    • Friction loss evaluation

    • Hydrocyclone pressures

    • Pit room

    • Shaker house

    • Rig mud lab

    • Screen stock

    • Spare stock

    Turn scheduled downtime into a window of opportunity

    Whether your rig is in the shipyard for scheduled maintenance, or pre-contract, our PRIME Service allows you to turn what otherwise would be downtime into productive time.

    We free your personnel to focus on the rig components they know best, while our specialists use the allotted time frame to concentrate on extending and optimizing the operational life of your solids control and drilling waste management systems.

    To learn more about how our proactive PRIME Service can keep your solids control and drilling waste management systems operating at peak efficiency, contact your nearest BRANDT Products representative.


    • Comprehensive solids control, waste management assessment
    • Evaluations up to one year in advance of shipyard schedule
    • Hazard identification assessment
    • Qualified and experienced inspection specialists
    • Proactive inspections include all equipment brands
    • Standardized check list
    • Comprehensive, objective survey report

    • Ensures utmost equipment efficiency
    • Shortens shipyard time
    • Covers all equipment brands
    • Recommends repairs when applicable
    • Reduces costs
    • Keeps drilling programs on schedule