• BRANDT AX-1 Shaker

    Representing the next generation of solids liquids separation, the BRANDT™ AX-1 shale shaker offers exceptional throughput capacity and solids separation efficiency.



    The AX-1 shale shaker offers the ability to change configuration to suit the nature of your operation. Featuring a triple deck layout that allows sized material retention (SMR) and a unique flow distribution system, the shaker is available in interchangeable parallel and series modes. In parallel mode, fluid handling capacity increases by load sharing the flow between the middle and lower decks. In series mode, the fluid is consecutively screened through the three decks, optimizing solids removal efficiency and the life of the ultrafine screens employed.

    The AX-1 shale shaker offers exceptional raw throughput capacity and solids separation efficiency and effectively handles large circulation rates for fast, top-hole drilling. With the ability to deliver improved separation through sequential screening, it improves screen life on very fine meshes.

    Sized Material Retention  

    Drilling fluids engineered to contain specifically sized particles can include conventional lost circulation materials that combat significant downhole losses or material sized to bridge fractures and pore spaces. These can allow higher fluid densities above the fracture gradient to be employed, resulting in reduced whole fluid losses in depleted zones, reduced number of casing runs, and an increased margin of safety. The AX-1 increases the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of these fluid formulations by retaining the sized particles on the middle deck while removing the larger and finer drilled solids on the upper and lower decks.  



    Capacity: In parallel mode, AX-1 delivers around twice the throughput capacity of the current brands of dual deck shakers.
    Improved Separation: When configured for series mode, the AX-1 has the ability to operate sequential screen sizes, which improves solid/liquid separation and reduces the attrition rate on the ultra-fine screens. 

    Flexibility: Whilst the AX-1 offers high capacity to contend with upper hole sections, an ability to switch to sequential screening for smaller hole sections ensures the optimum in separation efficiency. SMR mode offers further flexibility with special screens for removal of milled swarf and the option to set up the shaker for offline processing of fluids.

    Footprint: The AX-1 delivers a massive throughput differential, and the number of machines required can be significantly reduced, resulting in a smaller installed footprint.

    Reliability: The AX-1 shaker basket structure has field-proven, ruggedized drive system components to increase up-time and reduce maintenance costs.

    Screens: The AX-1 uses the AX screening system.



    Dimensions (L x W x H)

    3101 mm x 1870 mm x 1730 mm (single)


    3547 kg

    Vibratory Motion

    Balanced elliptical

    Angle of Motion


    Speed of Vibration


    Drive System Method

    Electrically driven; belt drive

    Air Supply Requirements

    Pressure 80 – 90 psi; capacity 0.3 ft2/min

    Screen Configuration

    Triple deck

    Screen Type


    Screen Clamping


    Screen Angles (Fixed)

    Top deck 2°; intermediate deck 7°; bottom deck 7°

    Screen Area per Deck

    2.01 m2 (21.64 ft2)

    Total Screen Area

    6.03 m2 (64.92 ft2)

    *Varies based on configuration. Please contact your NOV sales representative for specific dimension and weight information.