• SABRE Shaker System

    The BRANDT™ SABRE™ shaker system represents an industry revolution. The first of its kind, SABRE is a modular shaker system based upon a scalable platform that can easily be changed from a single deck to a double deck and from a double deck to a triple deck shaker. This simple upgrade can be made in the field, eliminating the need to change out the complete shaker system and allowing SABRE to be easily adapted to customer-specific needs.



    Field tests have shown that the SABRE shake has 1.5 to 2 times the fluids-handling capacity of existing high-performance shakers. This performance advantage enables SABRE to better control low-gravity solids (LGS) throughout the entire drilling process, thereby reducing dilution and associated logistics costs. 

    This is due in part to SABRE’s robust and differentiated design. With the drive assemblies mounted directly over the sidewalls of the basket, energy is more effectively transferred to the screens. SABRE’s G-force is set at 7 G, with the counterweights adjustable to compensate for increasing the number of decks. These design features make SABRE a more potent primary screening system than any other in the industry. 

    The SABRE shaker has also proven to deliver dryer cuttings compared to other high-performance shakers. In the latest field runs, SABRE consistently reduced oil retention on cuttings from around 11% to below 9%, decreasing both haul-off and disposal costs. 

    For operators whose drilling application requires the retention and recovery of costly lost-circulation or wellbore-stabilization materials, SABRE’s triple-deck configuration can be setup to retain these particles and reintroduce them into the fluid system while still removing unwanted LGS. 

    Besides increased performance, ease of use and durability were principal factors in the design of the SABRE shaker. SABRE screens are super-lightweight (weighing in at only 14 lb) and are repairable using NOV’s unique AX SNAPFAST™ screen repair system. In addition, the screens are secured and sealed using NOV’s industry-proven pneumoseal technology, allowing screens to be quickly changed out by a single operator in a matter of minutes.  

    For drilling rigs equipped with KING COBRA VENOM™ or HYBRID shakers, SABRE can be retrofitted into the existing skids, further reducing upfront costs and installation time. 


    Basket Options

      Single deck    Double deckTriple deck
    Screen configurationSingle deckDouble deckTriple deck
    Screen     SABRE pre-tensioned 
    Screen clamping Pneumatic (5.5 to 6.2 bar / 80-90 psi)
    Screen angles 6°
    Angle adjustment
     +6° (standard)
     +6° to 4° (optional)   
    API Screen Area17.60 ft2 (1.63 m2)35.2 ft2 (3.01 m2)52.8 ft2 (4.90 m2)
    Total Screen Area28.28 ft2 (2.62 m2)56.56 ft2 (5.25 m2)84.84 ft2 (7.88 m2)
    Operating modesSingle-deck screening     Dual deck - in series     Triple deck - in series
    Power consumption     8.0 kW maximum 
    Recovery optionN/AN/ASized solids removal

    Dry Operating Weights and Dimensions

      Single deck              Double deck           Triple deck           
    SABRE shaker optionWeight 2160 kg/4,762 lb 2533 kg/5,584 lb 2906 kg/6,406 lb
    Length 3068 mm/120.8 in. 3068 mm/120.8 in. 3145 mm/123.8 in.
    Width 1928 mm/75.9 in. 1928 mm/75.9 in. 1928 mm/75.9 in.
    Height 1562 mm/61.5 in. 1562 mm/61.5 in. 1562 mm/61.5 in.
    Weir Height 980 mm/38.6 in. 980 mm/38.6 in. 1118 mm/44 in.
    SABRE retrofit option
    (less skid)
    Weight 1540 kg/3,395 lb 1754 kg/3,866 lb 1967 kg/4,337 lb 
    Length 2629 mm/103.5 in. 2629 mm/103.5 in. 2705 mm/106.5 in.
    Width 1928 mm/75.9 in. 1928 mm/75.9 in. 1928 mm/75.9 in.
    Height 1290 mm/50.8 in. 1290 mm/50.8 in. 1290 mm/50.8 in.