• Bag Filter Unit

    NOV Water Services offers BRANDT™ Bag Filter Units, which are used for the treatment of completion fluids during wellbore clean-up, gravel pack operations, workovers, water injection operations and general seawater filtration.



    Each unit is outfitted with two (2) filter pods (vessels) that utilize five (5) filter bags each, allowing for nominal-type filtration. The filter units can be configured individually, in-parallel or in-series. The Bag Filter Unit can be used as a pre-filter ahead of diatomaceous earth (DE) units, or as stand-alone units. They are particularly effective for filtering raw seawater, as well as filtering cleaning fluids prior to being pumped through high-pressure jetting equipment.





    Vessels can be utilized individually, in-parallel or in-series flow

    Provides flexibility in use

    Low cost of consumables

    Minimizes operating and maintenance costs

    Easy operation

    Enables the units to be operated by drilling personnel with minimal training

    Small footprint

    Requires minimal deck space

    Excellent  chemical compatibility

    Provides flexibility in chemical utilization

    Large filtration surface area

    Permits highly effective treatment of lightly contaminated brines

    Pressure relief valve

    Ensures safe operation


    Number of Filter Bags per Vessel


    Maximum Recommended Flow

    10 bbl/min (95 m3/hr)

    Maximum Working Pressure

    100 psi (7 bar)

    Maximum Working Temperature

    158°F (70°C)

    Vessel Design Code

    PED 5500

    Cartridge Diameter

    2.5 in (63 mm)

    Bag Size

    7 in x 24 in (177 mm x 600 mm)

    Vessel Diameter

    24 in (610 mm)

    Pipe Size

    4 in (100 mm)

    Vessel and Pipe Materials

    316 Stainless Steel

    Frame Materials

    Carbon Steel

    Main Valves

    4 in (100 mm) Butterfly

    Inlet and Outlet Terminations

    4 in (100 mm) NPT Thread

    Inlet and Outlet Connection

    4 in (100 mm) Fig 206 or Camlock

    Pressure Relief Valve

    100 psi (7 bar) Set Point

    Dimensions (L x W x H)

    89 in x 47 in x 79 in (2250 mm x 1200 mm x 2000 mm)

    Weight (empty)

    3300 lb (1500 kg)