• Water Management

    The HYDRO-SIGHT water management system from NOV delivers optimal fluid handling and close operational oversight via a customizable automation and monitoring package, streamlining hydro logistics throughout the full life cycle of your operation.
    State-of-the-art technology is at the heart of the HYDRO-SIGHT solution. Ruggedized instrumentation, proven real-time data acquisition protocols and robust wireless communication provide complete visibility and fluid control at a single frac site or across an entire play.
    We know that reducing risk and environmental impact is important to you; that’s why we focus on creating solutions to address your concerns. The HYDRO-SIGHT system eliminates potentially hazardous tasks, reducing personnel exposure; fail-safe automated pump operations ensure optimal fluid transfer, preventing incidents before they occur.

    Real-time, Accurate and Dependable Information 

    HYDRO-CONTROL™ Center: The RigSense™ Information System reaches far beyond today’s leading instrumentation and displays, ensuring the HYDRO-CONTROL Center has complete visibility and control of fluid within your play. Configurable touchscreen multi-function displays with simple user interfaces and flexible alarm capabilities put fluid access at your fingertips.
    Fluid Sensor and Data Acquisition Package: Intelligent surface instrumentation strategically positioned around the site, coupled with the latest in computer and data acquisition systems, offer unparalleled ease of use in addition to a high degree of flexibility. HSE exposure is minimized throughout the operation through our leading sensor technology.
    Transfer Automation: The capability to remotely operate and control pump sequencing ensures optimal, safe fluid transfer throughout the duration of the operation. Desired flow rates can be maintained while optimizing life of the equipment. Environmental risk and liability are eliminated by replacing personnel-driven transfer decisions with automated fluid movement.
    Wireless Communication: Modular, scalable data communication solutions provide complete rig site, field or play coverage, providing real-time, accurate and dependable information to help your teams make confident, well-informed decisions.
    Remote Operations: Whether your needs dictate fluid operational visibility on-site or at a location remote from the rig-site, the customizable information system package can be modified to suit your needs.